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Illusionist Joe Conrad is a self contained full scale illusion and magic spectacular. We work primarily in the high-end entertainment markets. This includes casino showrooms, hotels, conventions, auto shows, industrial & trade shows and special events.

We are unique in the entertainment field. Illusionist Joe Conrad is a well capitalized venture that owns our own staging, pipe & drapery, special effects, illusions, show equipment, rigging, etc., as well as our own logistics and trucking.

Our company employs dozens of full-time employees, cast and crew alike, in all areas of specialization.

Illusionist Joe Conrad was one of the first companies of its kind (and still the biggest) in the Asia-Pacific region.


We work with top promoters, event companies, advertising agencies and directly with the client, as required.

Many of our presentations are custom-prepared shows tailored to your needs. We can bring all technical aspects of the show with us or work with your team as your needs dictate.

(Full contracts, show promotional materials and riders are available by mail and online to qualified clients. Please contact us in our Booking area.)

Just Look At The Advantages of Booking Illusionist Joe Conrad:

The best show in Asia
by Illusionist Joe Conrad
Our own self-contained lighting, trussing & sound systems
Self-contained stage decking & curtains
Full cast of western dancers
employed full time
Our own 1,000 square metre, temperature-controlled warehouse in Bangkok - where we store all illusions & rehearse the show
Fully customized stage design schematics created for each event
In-house advertising & graphic team; promotional material matched to your event
Large repertoire of illusions & tricks, including many original/customized presentations
Over 30 years solid experience in entertaining audiences worldwide
The only professional western illusionist living & working in Asia
Our exclusive company owned logistics with full-size trucks
Self-promoted with our own sales team for cost savings to you

Casino Performance

This is our high-end spectacular show package, running for up to 60 minutes, requiring full showroom conditions and staging. Includes large scale illusions, special effects, comedy, live animals and magic of all varieties, our dancers, as well as a full cast and crew.

Convention, Corporate & Hotel Performance

This is slightly scaled down from our Casino package above, but is still a spectacular night of magic in it's own right. Includes many large scale illusions, mid and small magic, dancers and lighting with special effects. We can support your establishment with full staging, lights, sound, drapery, etc., as required.

Appearing Car

Industrial & Trade Shows

We are one of the top magic companies of this nature in the business, with experience worldwide from Las Vegas to Bangkok. Bring us any product or service concept, and we will draw the audience attention to you. Joe has made cars appear at auto shows, computers transform into new models at computer shows and large equipment levitate at contracting conferences. A full custom proposal from our marketing team will impress you that we are the right team for the job.


Customized Advertising Marketing Packages

From television commercials, themed magic products to specialized product launches, we have worked with many of the world's top advertising agencies and corporations. We can, and have made any product vanish, appear or transform. Whether it is a soda bottle or a complete building, count on Illusionist Joe Conrad to put the "Magic" back into your next advertising campaign!!!


Special Events

Sometimes a show featuring Illusionist Joe Conrad does not fit into one of the categories above. This is what we call a "Special Event." Everything from music festival openings to special touring shows to large-scale entertainment parties. Let your imagination be your guide and Illusionist Joe Conrad will make that Special Event truly magical!

Full promotional packages for the above are available to qualified clients by overnight courier delivery, as well as downloadable PDF files. Please enquire at our Bookings area.

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